April 2005


4th Quarter Club Registrations

Flyers with 4th quarter club descriptions and registration forms were sent home with student from their enrichment classes on Wednesday, March 9th.  If your child did not bring one home you may pick one up in the Off Campus office or print one off the Off Campus website at http://www.cksd.wednet.edu/offcampus/.

As usual we will be holding a lottery.  For this quarter the lottery will be held on March 24th.  Please make sure your child’s registration form has been turned in to Off Campus either at the church office or at the main office by Wednesday, March 23rd.

When to Keep Your Child Home

It is always a difficult decision to decide when to keep your child at home and when to send them to enrichment.  The following are some guidelines to help you in making your decision.

1. A student with a temperature of 100 degrees or greater should not be sent to school.  The student should remain at home until they are without a fever for 24 hours.

2. A student who has vomited two or more time in the past 24 hours should stay at home.

3. A student with diarrhea should remain at home.

4. Consult your physician when your child has abdominal pain severe enough to

4. limit activity or persistent pain.

5. A student with rashes that cannot be readily explained should stay home until a physician has been consulted.

6. A student with persistent itching, especially if there are lice or nits.

7. A student with an eye infection where mucus or pus is draining from the eye.

8. A student with a sore throat accompanied with a fever, earache or swollen glands.

9. The “common cold” can present several dilemmas:

· A student with a “mild” cold, but is otherwise feeling ok

· may attend enrichment.

· A student with a “heavy” cold, accompanied by a deep hacking cough belongs at home.

· Consult a physician if there is no improvement in your child’s symptoms with in three to four days.