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The Mountaineers’ mission is to be the premier Northwest outdoor recreation club. The Mountaineers is  dedicated to the responsible enjoyment and protection of natural places.  The Mountaineers’ club owns 20 acres in the Chico creek watershed and manages the 300+ acre Rhododendron Preserve belonging to the Mountaineers Foundation. The Rhododendron Preserve contains some of the last old growth forest in Kitsap County including a significant stretch of Chico Creek. 

The Mountaineers are hosting a field trip for our children on November 19th.

Students will be taking a guided walk with Jay Zischke and be observing the salmon run in Chico Creek.  Jay Zischke is a Fisheries Biologist who works for the Suquamish Indian Tribe.

Students will participate in a 75-minute nature walk, view the salmon run and complete a salmon art project.  There will be two sessions.  Each session will be limited to 20 people. 

There will be a good deal of walking on forest paths .  We do not recommend this field trip for toddlers and there can be no strollers. Please wear sturdy shoes, or boots and bring rain gear!


First Session:

10:00-11:15               Nature walk

11:15-11:45                Art project


Second Session:

10:45-11:15                Art project

11:20-12:35               Nature walk

Salmon Run Field Trip

November 2004

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Central Kitsap School District

First, Soundbridge and Benaroya Hall Tour Soundbridge is the Seattle Symphony Music Discovery Center.  Fabulous interactive exhibits and displays allow all ages to experience and learn about instrumental music.  A Listening Bar houses more than 500 recordings from Renaissance period through music of our time.  A Virtual Conducting Station lets you be a symphony conductor.  Listening Posts and innovative computer games simulate participation in a symphony as a soloist, small ensemble or symphony member.  The Science of Sound exhibit demonstrates the transmission, reception and interpretation of instrumental music. During November, Soundbridge is featuring Western European Court music and Native American songs to compliment the “Spain in the Age of Exploration” exhibit at the SAM!

We will meet at the Soundbridge entrance to the Benaroya Hall on the corner of 2nd Ave.

and Union at 10:45.  Entrance is at 11:00.  Then, at 12:00 we will begin a tour of Benaroya Hall, beautiful home of the Seattle Symphony!

Then, Seattle Art Museum Exhibition Tour

“Spain in the Age of Exploration 1492-1819, an exhibition co-organized by the Seattle Art Museum and Patrimonio Nacional of Spain, is the first exhibition of art from Spain ever to be shown in Seattle.  The exhibition tells how Spain became a global empire and includes paintings by artists such as El Greco, Velazquez and Goya as well as sculptures, tapestries, armor, scientific instruments, botanical illustrations, books and maps.  An important aspect of the exhibition is the relationship that the Spanish crown had with the Northwest; numerous Spanish-sponsored expeditions came to this region between 1774 and 1792—decades before Lewis and Clark.”

The museum is located at 100 University Street. Our entry time is 1:00 P.M. on

Tuesday, November 16th.



We will meet at the large sculpture Hammering Man at 12:50.  Due to space restrictions, you may not enter the museum prior to our admission time of 1:00.  Your scheduled end time of 1:50 allows for fifty minutes of a self-guided audio-tour walk through the exhibition.  The fee paid does not provide you access to the third and fourth floor galleries or extra time in the exhibit. 


This fieldtrip is appropriate for those aged kindergarten through adult.  There will be lots of walking on pavements and stairs and strollers are not allowed in the art exhibit.  


There is very little time between exhibits.  Please plan to eat on the ferry trips.  Bring food from home or you will have a few minutes after the ferry docks in Seattle for a quick bite at McDonalds or at the Starbucks at Benaroya Hall.  You may have a few minutes to grab a lunch on the waterfront to take on the ferry ride back.


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