Off Campus News


November Enrichment

              Enrichment classes and clubs are held on Wednesdays at the Silverdale Baptist Church.  Enrichment classes for Kindergarten through Eighth grade will be held from 11:50 to 2:30 PM.  Lunch and PE will be with the enrichment class.  As always our goal with enrichment classes is to offer your children the opportunity to participate in learning activities in a class setting.  The structure will allow for group presentations and interaction.  The subjects taught are meant to supplement, not replace, the curriculum taught in the home.    

Parents, please note: 

· All students must be picked up before 2:45 PM.  Anyone not picked up will be transported to the Off Campus office and you will have to pick them up from there. 

· Please be considerate of others.  Your child should not attend classes if they are sick. 

· Should you have an emergency and need to reach the staff on Wednesdays during Enrichment, you may call to the staff directly at (360) 340-2289.  Please avoid calling the church office.


Enrichment classes (11:50 - 2:30)

Kindergarten with Mrs. Kreifels (Room 103)

                 In November, we will be using friends, Thanksgiving and family as we read, write, organize, pattern and sing.


First Grade with Mrs. Ruscillo (Room 107/105)

                 In November, First Grade Enrichment will celebrate Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving.  “Time For Kids” will give us a chance to view what's happening, and “Kind News” will show us how to treat our environment.  Continue to encourage your first grader to make his/her Book-It goal. 


 Second Grade with Mrs. Ryan  (Room P-1)

                 For the month of November, second graders will continue to improve their writing skills through Writer’s Workshop.  They will also be reading and writing mysteries.  At the end of the month we will be learning about the first Thanksgiving.  Don’t forget to fill out Book-It forms.


Third Grade with Mrs. McAboy (Room C-3)

                 The three enrichment days in November will be a continuation of what third graders began in October.  We will be using the writing process to create poetry.  And, we will review addition computation using the book, Designs in Math, practice more analogies, and engage in drawing activities.


  Fourth Grade with Mrs. Huggins (Room C-2)

                 In November, we’ll begin 6-Trait Writing.  This month’s focus will be on the trait of Organization.  Students will learn to write an accordion paragraph to help them with their organization.  In math, we’ll warm up with ADDs (Arithmetic Developed Daily) for practice in computation and move on to graphing. 


Fifth Grade with Mr. Menefee (Room O-2)

                 Mr. Menefee's 5th graders are off and running.  We are learning about the "fun"damentals of scientific reasoning and lateral thinking.


 Sixth Grade with Mr. Kaech  (Room O-1)

                 Your hard working sixth grader through reading, audio-visual projects, and discussions has become more familiar with several major ancient world cultures.  Ask him/her to tell you some of the things they have learned.  November will see us studying three important European nations.                   Nov. 3—Great Britain          Nov. 10—Germany               Nov. 17—Russia                     

“Time for Kids” arriving at home can be used to start good family current events discussions.


7th & 8th grades with Mrs. Brown  (Room 154)

                 In November, students will focus on Math by completing fun Algebra activities and participate in spirited debates. 



Physical Education with Mr. Ruscillo (Activity Center)

                 Throughout the year, students will participate in games and activities that concentrate on the areas of: participation, listening, safety, cooperation, teamwork, and proper equipment management.  At the end of each session, students will evaluate how well they have done in these areas.


7th and 8th grade Set-Up with Mrs. Brown      9:30 AM to 10:00 AM

                 Students will assist in the set-up for classes.  The help students provide is invaluable and very much appreciated.  Students who assist with set-up are provided a  free lunch of their choice from a local fast food restaurant at the end of each quarter.